Saturday, January 15, 2022

the thing to learn about

 time is 


at least for today 

i work the kitchen like my grandmother


too early to the sides


moments of complete despair eating over the sink

are also joy 

keeping my rings on in soap



as if assignment


and texturally expansive

Monday, October 12, 2020


you are good at the video games where you distract 
the opponent 
the open it 
no don’t 
because now I am over here 
and my sword strikes you 

easy things ? 
things done quickly or without reservation 

I am otherwise 
more defensive 

Monday, August 17, 2020


in the morning finding you well on a thursday you shit after me and we drink coffee on the bed and look out and men who fold their shirts and walk in the morning and were children once now play and golf are walking in the morning and we kneel across from each other near the window where he leans and masturbate and I cum in a cup the children I will no longer have close and I think but don’t say that once I saw a video on twitter where a gay man put a frozen vile of cum in his boyfriend’s ass and he fucked his ass until the cum had melted from ice 

and I take my ice millions of children are everywhere but mine are dropped into a brown cardboard box in a chamber between two doors 

and they are collected in full ppe 


the penis 

of a woman 

the penis of a woman 

the cum of a woman makes children 

or is the children 

I can’t decide

and they are in a box 

waiting to sleep as we have just done 

and today

everything is the same colour 

the same two colours 

for the rest of your life 

cool is

letting people know you too
are performing 
as well 
and then 
simply collaborate 

Thursday, August 13, 2020


we no longer hide the asking in irony 
the asking I mean of the world 
on the other side of the screen 
everything depends on the sun 
because everything is that mood now 
as in mood at all , that’s what the sun is now 
how bad could it be then 
you ask in raging anxiety 
good luck taking control 
if that’s what you seek 

Monday, August 10, 2020


when we buy the ticket to the other place we believe that if we could go and really settle in we could change the world somehow big world big world big girl outside in it the big world but the close one is so much easier to dominate to take control of what is close which is to understand its chaos as in control is rhetorical or pretend even 

I read the poem I read the poems again I read the poem and all I thought about was when are we going to the shops and I need to get that blood test finished the poem 

poem is trying to control 
that is why we cannot poem 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

i decide

to work just enough so i can buy the 
portable 8 track mixer 
which meant free love to me now 
it meant real freedom baby 
you are putting the drums onto the lawn 
crying no baby 
the lawn is soft and sun dry 
everything breathes people shout and laugh 
sun hardens backs of shirts 
crying baby 
the sun another one another one dreaming 
of movie movie movie life movie life movie 
movie it’s all alright movie it’s all alright movie 
it’s all alright movie it’s all alright movie 
and I would smile when someone I do not know walks through the door because 
that’s really all there is to do 
but you are dreaming 
crying baby 
more than anything 
playing on the stage 
every second 
until something catches you 
a fox 
a fever 
a disappointment 

Thursday, July 23, 2020


we see the sky through 
the train passing 
I am alone 
you are alone 
the train is passing 
dependence , like all human sentiment 
is absurd and fictitious 
the train all one
the sky a human 
being alive 
take one 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

starting letters

a new pace 
Times you do just need a new lamp
$4 secondhand 
3 lamps in fact 
and a new angle 
and things are swinging again 
a moon cake 
A whole taste of a woman’s body 
As in 
Waiting for you with a prepared meal 
Felt anxious to impress
anxious of 
Impending monotony 
apologise for bringing food to the 
table up everything when you are close 
Document during the doing it can get very 
Exhausting when you are living behind one 
another year 
Another year 
like another 
like a person 
like a very well worn wallet into a back pocket 
I’m the back pocket now 
And you do not ask to go in anymore 
we just do it 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020

invented pill

incense pilled argoraphobic tendencies inside
pseudo organic pilled tendencies but just buying groceries for friends
when John Maus is forgotten about at the dinner discussion you remember the last five years of your life 
and realise how quickly the next five will come body of your uncle in an iron butterfly record 
a record he set in high school thirty years ago 
a go 
only ever asked for a fair portion